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Full Featured Template Engine for JavaScript

Jiko is a modern and easy to use template engine for Javascript. Its objective is to provide to Javascript programmers a way to write templates with an engine as powerful as server-side state of the art template engines like Jinja and Mako.

    var rows =, 10), function(el) { return _.range(0, 10); });
{% function name="makeRow" %}
    % a.row.forEach(function(name) {
    % });
{% end %}

    % rows.forEach(function(row) {
        %{makeRow({row: row})}
    % });

Jiko's features:

  • Its syntax is as simple and direct as possible. Influenced by well-known template engines.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel! Why use a new language for expressions when you can use JavaScript?
  • Allows multiple templates to be defined in a single template file.
  • Compiles templates directly to Javascript to be one of the fastest JavaScript template engines ever.
  • Allows browser-side on-the-fly compilation for development and server-side compilation for production.
  • Works in a browser (IE7, Chrome, Firefox) and inside Node.js.
  • Uses the MIT open source licence.

Jiko is still in development. You can help to improve it on Github.

Interested? Take a look at the Tutorial.